After several months of hard work Google Code-in is nearly over. I really learned a lot in the contest and not only technical stuff. Thanks to the the people from I participated from the beginning on and could stay in a top position until the end.
One of my favorite projects to work on is KDE. Especially the Marble tasks were fun to do. Marble is a virtual globe for the KDE desktop that provides a huge amount of features and plugins. Overall I completed 15 Marble tasks. I implemented new features and extended a lot of plugins and made them more flexible and configurable.

Here are a few highlights of the things I accomplished:
Marble has a new MapWizard with which you can create custom map themes. I implemented context menus to delete custom themes and mark map themes as favorite.

Many plugins are now configurable due to my work. The default overview map can now be changed for every planet, with a list of suggested images in the plugin folder.

Also some features of the position marker are my work. The default image and the color of the accuracy circle can now be changed, the configurable trail was completely implemented by me.

Often users change settings and want to use default settings for a special plugin after a while. Instead of deleting all settings, there's a button in the configuration dialog of plugins now.

Working with the Marble community was real fun, they were always here to help me and review my work. They were always reachable on the Marble IRC-channel on Freenode. Special thanks go to tackat, Earthwings, shentey and idis who really helped me a lot.
Interested? What are you waiting for? Get involved :-)

Daniel Marth