Learn Machine learning from basic to Advance

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Learn Machine learning from basic to Advance

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Machine Learning course will help you master the skills required to become an expert in this domain. Master skills such as Python, ML algorithms, statistics, supervised and unsupervised learning, etc. to become a successful professional in this popular technology. Intellipaat’s Machine Learning certification training comes with 24/7 support, multiple assignments, and project work to help you gain real-world exposure.

What will you learn in this Machine Learning certification training?
As part of this ML program, you will master the skills mentioned below, and you will become a successful Machine Learning Engineer:
  • Teaching machines using data
  • Representation of artificial neural networks
  • Understanding machine learning models like supervised and unsupervised learning in-depth
  • Categorizing data using Python and logistic regression
  • Understanding k-means clustering, decision trees, and Naive Bayes
  • Mastering random forest and designing various applications
  • Performing linear regression on multiple variables using Python
  • Natural Language Processing and text mining using Python
  • Mastering the fundamentals of Deep Learning
  • Time series analysis and creating models for the analysis